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Nov 2014
Each stem growing into its own separate life force,
connected with others, yet fulfilling a solitary and self reliant lifestyle. Never will they forget their roots
or the growth in which they broke the surface together.
Instead they will use these to form themselves into the independent branch that sustains its own-self.
Although they began as one,
time has taught them to go in different directions.
However, even then, together they create a beautiful picture of life and peace.
We are all connected with one another but that does not mean we must all be the same, or rely on anyone but ourselves.
After all, even the road must diverge at some point.
this was for a project in English class where we had to pretend we were a Transcendentalist. This tenet was for "Rely Upon Yourself"
Written by
Nikki  Virginia
   Harley Hucof
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