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Nov 2014
Dear The Creep That Loved You:

You were the first one to like the first poem I ever posted,
For that alone, I could've fallen in love
But then I started to read all YOUR poetry
And I just couldn't get enough!
Of course, your name really caught my eye too
A creep and a girl that LoveD you
Everyone can see
Our collaboration was meant to be

"You're an unnecessary part of the story."

Well, isn't that just the truest 7 words ever written,
Once I read that, I became completely smitten.
These "past tense" men in our lives...
Well, seriously, for hurting you, they deserve to die.

"Wake up in the middle of the night
for inspiration,
new ideas,
thoughts waiting to be poured onto paper."

Well, this perfectly described me to a tee
I'm Blessed to have found you here on Hello Poetry, seriously... All your words resonate deep within me
I'm totally obsessed with you, can't you see?

"You're the villain in this story,
the only thing keeping me from falling asleep,
but driving me insane with anticipation as well"

This just makes me think of bad boys,
How all us good girls just can't help but fall
We know they're no good for us
But sometimes, were naive, we just want it all...

"I sit here in tomorrow,
as you lay there in yesterday."

Sometimes, the people who don't wanna move forward
Just need to be left in the past,
Us girls just have no time for games
We need determination, we need something to last.

I could continue on, quoting all your poetry,
But you know all your lines already
What you may not understand yet, is what every word means to me.
How every stanza hits me so deeply
How every note is written so sweetly
How every title draws me in so stalkerishly
I just hope you understand that every letter you type
Reverberates deep in the core of me
And that I'm totally in love with you
Almost obsessively.

*Dear The Creep That Loved You:
Please, say you're in love with me too?
Yea, so read and follow "The Creep That Loved You", she's awesome! :)

This is written for the Dear BlankΒ Β Challenge posted by "Ember Evanescent"(she's amazing too).
I employ you all to find a poet you don't really know and give them the gift of an encouraging word and your poetry.Β Β :)
The Girl Who Loves You
Written by
The Girl Who Loves You  Within My Heart
(Within My Heart)   
       Born, ---, ---, Christopher K Bayliss, Creep and 27 others
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