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Nov 2014
I'll ignore the symptoms, embrace the syndrome
I'm damaged baby, so ******* damaged, but wouldn't that be so perfect of me to play the victim
I've disavowed the emotions that swell and seek to surge the barriers I so delicately built over this life
Waging war and setting siege with my heart in the dead of night
In the eerie quiet hours when I still hear your voice haunting, pouring through the trees
As if it was evaporated off your breath and swept away in the breeze
I'm nervous, hands shaking violently with discontent
When I replay every word you spoke and decipher what they meant
You reach for my hands as you beg and repent, I can taste the resent
The familiar taste seeping over my tastebuds
as you try and explain your fake love
I would've preferred you never came back at all after what you did
Never apologized never begged me to forgive
Never even mentioned the moment but instead simply left with him
Yet you dragged me back in it, filling my ears with your fallacies, my heart with your promises and my mind with your venom
I'm trapped in your spell, ignoring all the symptoms
So ******* damaged, how did you become the victim?
Sean C Johnson
Written by
Sean C Johnson  AK
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