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Nov 2014
Words traced and outlined,
rewritten and replaced
fine tuned, created, and made
words that generously looped and curved
around days I could not go straight through
for fear I've lost the comfort of the old
at the expense of the new
only resemblance is the mold
that once outlined the old.

I kept tracing and outlining
Words to heavy to pick up and carry to you.
So I keep these burdens to myself,
in a box, on a shelf
or under my bed.
and a simple tap
allows them to swim in my head
so fast I can't put them back
and I find that it's strength against you that I lack.

I've constructed this atmosphere
so you can't begin to come near
yet I find you in my northern hemisphere
and I wonder how I appear

I've build my dome from glass
so I can observe and Intervene
but my persuasion never lasts

I know when dark days
prevent me from seeing past
my windows of glass
and they bend and they crack
down the center pane
and I feel that strength I lack

I don't expect you'll send her
words of encouragement or pressure
just to mend her
just to make her lesser

and I don't know why you slip
in the water I saw you pour
all the while convincing me
that you never saw it on the floor

I don't want to understand
the way your words twist like DNA
into their double helix form
and in there I find unannounced strength to warm
those words that fit in my mouth like a diamond on a setting
capable of mesmerizing and capable of slicing

I made this universe so I could find you at your best
but as I lay these swimming words to rest
I know how you must first
remove my armor and break me down
before you can use the scripted words
I've outlined and traced
covered with warmth, but from mace
to dress the wounds that were not undone
and convince me that my scars are not of strength
much like the rest of what I've become
Valora Brave
Written by
Valora Brave  fort collins
(fort collins)   
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