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Nov 2014
seventeen,* because i hate that ******* number
because you didn't know that
because i never had the guts to tell you
because i was afraid you may have thought it was stupid

seventeen times i've stood under the falling snow thinking
<< if a snowflake falls on my nose i will speak to you>>

the air so thick with loneliness
my hands are getting stained and all numb because they miss you
because they miss us

because they will never have enough fingers
to count to seventeen
and they cry because they miss you
because you never made it to *March 17th, 2012

only a day away from having our first date

even after we'd been in love for four months,
our first date.

and you never made it.

& i hate it, i hate it,
i hate it, i hate it,
i hate the number seventeen,
because it was too away from your birthday,
and so close, to the first date
we will never have.
Written by
adshimabuko  PerΓΊ
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