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Nov 2014
First I went on a hike in the canyon
I made sure that my stone message
Was still in tact

I saw a woman who I often see working out at my gym
A beautiful asian woman and her dog
I bet she would love my companionship
I would love to give her oral pleasure

I made sure that my stone message
Was still in tact
"There are four lights"
A testament to man's ability to reason
Captain Picard was tortured

He was promised a life of ease
And luxury
If he would change his answer
He would rather live as a slave
Then be a non rational being

There are four lights!
Picard, my hero

My stone inscription
Is a testament to your dedication to reason
Man's ability to reason comes from God, the source.

I emerged from the canyon
Walking with my hiking sticks
And went for a relaxing drive
As I am often prone to do

There is something sacred about the evening
I would say it is my favorite time of day
I wound my way up into upper Altadena

I saw a woman walking her dog
I made my way back down and reached Lake
Then headed west of Lake

I saw a woman pulling up to her residence
She emerged from her car
What a beautiful body she had
I hope I find a mistress like her one day

There is something sacred about the Tao
I like to observe
A man on his bike made his way past me
And followed my route back toward Pasadena

I ended up in Best Buy
Still enjoying my podcast
About British colonies during the American Revolution

It is fun to wander
No particular purpose
No rhyme or reason
Just to wander
And listen to my podcast

I very much enjoy the Tao
I enjoy observing everyday life

I got my hiking poles and made my way
Into the neighborhood
Parallel to the Best Buy parking lot

I saw a beautiful woman heading in to her house
As I walked by
And a few other men walking in the neighborhood

My how I love to go walking
Something ancient and beautiful about it
I think about the beauty of walking

Too many Americans waste time
Sitting in front of the television
They should tune in to reality
Tune in to mother earth
The Tao is wise mother

The Tao is just normal everyday consciousness
It is said that a man who understands the Tao
Can die content in the evening
Having observed the course of the day

One day I hope to go walking with a woman
A woman who cares for me
I am such a kind person

It would be a tragedy not to meet someone
Written by
Matt  34/M/Los Angeles
(34/M/Los Angeles)   
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