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Nov 2014
Stand at attention and salute
War veterans and current in toot
Eyes of sacrifice
Being a solider with no time to think twice
Washington, DC being the call in advice
Conrad’s who loss their lives
A trumpet sounds being the transcribe
Yet a moment of silence in making us non-veterans wise
A reflection of the front line
A revelation we must keep in mine
Being a solider more than a uniform
A nations call always on alarm
Bombs on targets below
Precision must be quick and not slow
Bull’s eye on various sights
It’s never time to be the enemies polite
Wars being a solider’s name
Territories over boundaries being a solider’s gain
Then there’s destruction and what remains
Strength being in numbers
No time to sit back and slumber
It was the mission at hand
The General who gives the command
Veteran’s Day with many words to say
“We honor you on the world’s behalf and it’s a memory we all want to last”.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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