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Nov 2014
Baby, I know you can hear me,
I know you left me years ago,
but I cannot accept that you're
really gone so far for so long.

Since I was at your funeral
I saw the body that used to
belong to you all those years
before today. You're deep blue
eyes starred into mine for what
seemed like hours as tears the
color of all my emotions, being
alone to face the royal blue world.

Every night I go down to the
cyan cream river, I sit under
the midnight blue sky and wait
for you to come running down the
hill with your arms wide open so
we could hug one last time under
that faded azure moonlight.

Love, you left me and I don't
think you meant to,

I know because when
I'm at the river bank I can still
feel your arms around me and hear
the words, "you're my friend" and
"it'll be alright, Angel" drifting
through the simple airy space.

I just thought if you can hear me
the way I think you can, you should
know I still love our sapphire
memory book and I love you forever.
smile, where ever you are you are
my Sapphire Angel, without a doubt.
Written by
Bluejay  20/F/California
     S T and ---
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