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Nov 2014
Please, I implore you do not come any closer.
Now is the time I must sleep for I've used all of my energy sleeping. I'm not sleeping because I'm tired but to tame the parasite living within me feeding on the joy emitted from all around me. Please, I must be alone!
I must be alone to think about what it is that has made me this way, what it is that has taken this day and made it into a perpetual night. I must be alone because I owe that to all of you. Every one of you convincing yourself that I'm worth the time to convince that your sympathy for me is convincing. You must understand that there is nothing that you can do, nothing that you can say to alter the prison I've surrounded the joy in my heart with. The prison made of my darkest memories, my longest nights, and my loneliest days; The prison guarded by sentries of lies told centuries past that have slithered their way past histories grasp. Here must I lie alone. Here behind the bars of my truth alone I must lie in my loneliness to decidedly die alone. So let me sleep. Please, you must not cry. Here in my obligatory solitude is where I find my peace, so please let me sleep.
Marquis Hardy
Written by
Marquis Hardy  Peachtree Corners, GA
(Peachtree Corners, GA)   
   Jamie King and Longdistance
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