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Nov 2014
Please keep me in mind
Breath in the scent of my favorite shirt as I will for you
while I remember how your finger prints felt
Or how you tasted
crochet your hands in mine one last time or just kiss me on the cheek and make your way back to the old house, all i ask of you is one thing that I know you can no longer do, sit with me and let us reminisce about the tears and frowns we gave because I truly felt they saved me
You taught me how to feel
that the emotions that killed me during my days weren't as strong as I was, I truly love you for that, maybe I'll see you sometime, someday darling
Maybe I'll pass you in the streets in another life
I'll smirk at you and youll grin and we'll never meet again
But until then i will spend the rest of my days on earth listening to soul destroying music wishing I could stick by your side
I will spend the rest of my days tasting you on the roof of my mouth and no matter how much my wisdom teeth ache,  I'll keep them in because I know there will be a little of your DNA on it and soon it'll be all I have left of you
In your absence
In the absence of your touch
In the absence of your smiling face
Times tide will never smother you and you will always be kept close to whatever I have left of my heart
This is it
Jay Vasquez
Written by
Jay Vasquez  long beach
(long beach)   
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