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Nov 2014
I thought you tried to make me smile everyday
Because you liked the sight of my smile
I had no idea you were just trying
To cement yourself as my friend
So that when the bullying started
You could say anything you wanted
And I would still tell people you were my friend

Truth is, I always admired you
You were easily one of the prettiest girls I'd ever seen
I know you were going through a rough time in life
And I wanted to be your friend
Although I haven't seen you in two years
People tell me that you aren't as pretty as I remembered
Life caught up to you

What blows my mind
Is that you always say you only live once
So in your teenage years
You continue to wreck havoc on your life
It would be one thing if you dyed your hair
And got a few piercings
Those can be removed
But you drink and smoke and call yourself a popular girl
While endangering your child
You say only God will judge you
And you will live how you please
I can only imagine the judgment that will come
In a few years

You say you'll go to heaven
But that is for the people
Who use their hardships to create something positive
But instead
You drink the paycheck that should help your son
Smoke the problems away
And wonder why the people with strong morals
Won't go near you.
"Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised."
- Proverbs 31:30
Written by
Emma Chatonoir
     Santiago and ---
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