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Nov 2014
For so long you've craved my touch
The feel of my arms around you
The warmth of my breath on the back of your neck
To feel my heart beat against yours
and rightfully so
I know that I am broken
What YOU don't know about is all of the times that I try
I TRY to hold you
I WANT to put my arms around you
I WISH that our bodies were pressed against one another
So in the stillness of our early morning hours
window open, bedroom welcoming the breeze
the artificial staccato of rain in the air
despite my fears and to say nothing of the miles between us in our bed
I move over, inching closer to you
Blood warming, Heart quickening
Once flesh meets flesh...this should be HOT
My right foot slides across the bed to rest up against yours
I slide my body even closer to yours now
sure that you will meet me any second
warmer... quicker
And from her mouth...a soft giggle and these words

"You have all that room and I'm like, right on the edge"

I moved back to my side,  without so much as hinting of the disappointment and rejection that I felt

Amazing how two people can want the SAME thing and
yet, somehow... we still found a way to miss each other
In the confines of our own bed!
(A soft sigh with a frustrated, gentle smile)  Note to you:
I stopped by to see you this morning, you were half asleep I fear
Do wait up for me tonight!
Anticipation is SUCH a rush ~
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