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Feb 2011
And I held my heart
In my hands today,
I held it close,
As it slipped away,
So still it sat in my sweaty palms,
Trying very hard to remain calm.

But it's hard,
When you're alone,
Such silence,
Empty home,
Closing in,
Opening up,
Smaller sins,
Bigger cuts.

I am ribboned,
Arm skin torn,
Bloodied fists,
My veins are worn,
Less and lesser still,
I can't help it anymore,
I'm racing for the ****.

Don't let me die,
Stop the bleed,
You're nearly gone,
The planted seed,
Growing roots,
Taking hold,
Forever young,
Never old.

A questioned thought,
Raising quick,
As my blood, it runs,
Pooling thick,
My fragment thoughts,
Breaking apart,
How do I bleed,
Without a heart?
Written by
Micheal Bevan
   Sajini Israel
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