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Nov 2014
Your love is like poison,
I thought, as I lay sprawled on the cold gravel
Blood and tooth free to travel, and play in the dirt

Gary Wright & his band Spooky tooth fill my mind,
You broke my heart, so I bust your Jaw

Great Album, loved the “70”s

It started around a month, a century, a week? I don’t know? I lost track
I was in the forbidden palace, the gritty, and the grimy.
You know the Joint,Yea the Soul Sickness,
The place I keep running to, The black hole I cling to, live-in and bath in.

I’m one of the lucky few, not to get it

I must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time,
Force Majuer here you come, the Rush,
pulse-pounding sensual stick of dynamite,
looking for someone to light your fuse,

Yea, I’m weak, need a match?

Oh yea we’re the perfect couple,
we beg, we devour, we bleed our disease into each other.

It’s never enough; our enough doesn’t exist and never did.
Satisfaction is never guaranteed

You crave more,
I need more,
you want more,
I desire more,
more, more, and nevermore

I asked you if you love me?.
You told me, you don’t know what love is?,
but we have something special,
As you grind your hips into my lap and lady love entered my veins,

Lust disguise as passion?,
A void filled with love?
But your love is poison,
And I’m dying a slow death,

I watch from the ground,
Your mud-caked high-heeled shoes,
and his new timberland boots walk-away

Yea, the one who busted my face

I pick myself off the ground; brush myself off, stumble into the palace,
Look around my sancutary, notice a barfly, buzz, buzz and buzz right out a broken window.....I order a shot of antidote.

Written by
Firewalker  West Orange, NJ
(West Orange, NJ)   
   GailForceWinds and ---
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