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Nov 2014
travel, make yo
travel, make your mind grow, let your eyes show you the secrets of life, the lights in the night are a simulation of the universe, the galaxies, the twinkling of the stars that sorta make u wish you can put life on reverse when the sun comes up because it was beautiful.

she smiles, I smile, then time stops for a while. it sounds cheesy coz it isn't easy. it's not like I can pull out a file that explains her smile.

flipping on different topics, looking for Something closer to logic, scheming through what I'm dreaming I feel sort of iconic, don't you think it's kinda ironic that all I spit is chronic, I'm straight to the point clear like water in tonic, or is it tonic in water, why do I even bother, my mind contains no borders, I stretch to the highest thoughts like I got on jordans, I'm an orphan, a star left to shine alone in the dark, a species, yet to to sink but the bible is my ark, and I'm trying to embark, on how this world was made so wonderful, but we spit and **** on it like the earth's got its own hospital, it's so awful, you guys are lawful, but keep breaking the laws you make, your life isn't at stake but your child's is, this generation consists of a youthful nation, but that nation is stationed to repeating the mistakes, ***** get your *** awake and smell the coffee in the morning, quit the stretching and the yawning, don't be lazy be up on it, want that job? go and own it, want that life? go ahead form it. I'm not here to suffer for you, I'm here to stop people from suffering, take all your burdens to God and let everyone appreciate, for being alive! let all join arms and build a state! where love rules more than the government, and even if it's the government, then let their work be competent. let this generation, this so called chosen generation, rise to the occasion. your all amazing!
Written by
Benedict Menda
   Joseph Schneider
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