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Jan 2011
The sky betrayed an aura of foreboding
Not that I expected anything to happen
And perhaps it was just the impending storm
But the air itself seemed to dance

As every molecule vibrated visibly
And meticulusly
Towards some unseen end
And to be sure
It wasnt just the storm
But the sand upon the shore
Galloped away from the whisking waves
To a percieved safety
Flawed though it may be
That is what they percieved

Those lonely grains of sand
And that shrouded musky air
Fleeing from winter's lips
Revealing teeth, but in the bare
If not but for the few
Grains of sand and dancing air
Whom escaped winters grasp
Would this tale be told
And dark winter, upon its lips
Wears a dream of spring
Out of the cold
Written by
Brass Knuckles Mike  37/M
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