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Nov 2014
Tik Tok Tik Tok….

I’ve always said I would call you
to tell you how much I love you
But there is always a tomorrow, right?
So I didn’t call you that night
I’ve always said I would write you a poem
that describes your beautiful soul
But there is always another day, right?
So I didn’t make you one
I’ve said I would come over to your house
But there is always another morning, day, and night, right?
So I didn’t make it yesterday
and today

How long will I stay like this
In a comfort bed
My soul paints a dark still life
The piano plays me a death march
Mind wanders thinking about tomorrow
” There is always tomorrow “

Till I know the skies run out of stars
Till The moon has lost its beam
Till The sun is overshadowed by black clouds
Till The trees are paralyzed
no longer dance with the wind
Till the books run out its pages
Till the eyes are reddened by blood
Till the tides go back to the ocean
Till I know I’ve lost her.
Because of my tomorrow

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Written by
     Forgotten Heart and Erika
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