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Oct 2014
Hold on, oh lass!
It isn't over yet.
The further you go,
The more difficult it'll get.

Breathe, oh beloved!
It shall end soon.
Remember that time
is a curse and a boon.

Like a river, it flows,
waiting for no one.
It cannot be reversed,
a deed once done.

This life shall disappear
in a blink of an eye.
You'll be left to wonder
when did the day die.

Time is a treasure,
guard it with your life.
If misused,
it shall tear you apart.

Keep a firm grip.
You shall be alright.
Yes, you are alone
and yet, you can fight.

Don't take too long
or stand and gaze.
Your time shall run out
and you, it shall raze.

It won't be easy.
Things may go wrong.
But such is life,
winding and long.

And yet, it is short,
this life we  live.
Such is its way that
it'll take what it'll give.

Hold on, oh lass!
It'll end as it should.
For our time is filled
with days, bad and good.
Isha Kumar
Written by
Isha Kumar  20/India
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