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Oct 2014
Babe, darling, sweetheart… How does it feel to wear my kisses? How does it feel to be my warmth? Cheeks, lips, neck, shoulders… Even the stars spelt out your name, the moon held us together… I fell in love with you and it was like jumping from picture books to Shakespeare. Everything is so complicated now, like trying to find the big dipper at noon. I swore the trees could talk that day… The way the clouds stare at us now, the way the sky rumbles because of us, the way the grass dances in spite of our absence. I love to dance. I love the feeling of my hips swaying like the wind is in my hair like the world (you) is in near grasp, I want to hold the world (you). Why don’t you love to dance as much as I do? I want to find the largest field we can and dance with the daisies and forget what happened before all of this. I want to forget all the choices and how your glares felt and how I woke up in the morning letting out a sigh of utter disappointment. I want to forget all that. I keep trying to let go, I keep trying to kiss the sky to feel the warmth of the sun but neither compares to the way your lips kissed mine and the way your arms felt around my body. I want to climb more mountains and kiss the world (you) again and again until you mumble into my ear something silly about the way my hair always falls into my face then you’ll fix it and we’ll laugh. Oh, boy with the cerulean eyes, I want to feel the sun in my hair again, I want to feel your lips on my fingertips, I want to fall asleep to the sound of your inhale and exhale. I want to be closer to you, to feel your skin against mine, to feel the way the stars might when they explode. Honey, lovely, dear… Remember when the world felt so small, so effortless, when love was always returned? I didn’t know what I was getting myself into that day in March, I didn’t know how it would feel to rest my head on my pillow, swallowing back tears. Somedays I wish I had been less reckless, but most days I think about the way your tongue wandered my mouth and I remember that love isn’t meant to be held carefully. Will you come join me? Lay on the ground, listen to the world (you), watch the clouds. The clouds look like figures again! That ones a dog and that ones a lamp and that one… that ones my heart… The one floating by quickly, the largest one in the sky, the one that looks like the start of a storm. That’s my heart. I don’t want to be careful, I don’t want to look behind me anymore. I thought a lot about us when I was gone. Now, I think about losing you. I think of the last time you left and how I swore to my best friend that it was for good. I think of your kisses and how I want an endless amount of them. Now when I think of us, of the world (you), I think going, going, going.
Written by
naivemoon  Maine
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