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Oct 2014
I know this, I know this, I know this, I don't, I do.
I understand how to find the
acceleration of a runner when
given the change in time but
I don't know what that runner would
rather be doing, who they'd rather
be with,
if anyone.
I don't know who I'd rather be with,
if anyone.
I am learning, I have learned.
I am smart by the books,
by the state, by the curriculum,
but I don't how how I will go on
when everyone I love is dead, or
if I will cry tonight.
I know that distance times time is
speed but I don't know when I will
run out of it.
Time is irrelevant.
Focus in class,
do as you're asked and
be like the rest.
Don't forget to brush your teeth
and don't forget to stay asleep and
don't forget to forget to think because
when you think, you know
and when you know you're not
Made this last school year in physical science while I was having a panic attack. I write best then, and it calms me down.
Written by
Sammie  NC
     Janelle, Aquinas and Creep
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