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Oct 2014
I sometimes wonder about things and how they fit. Like how my heart hurts in your absence but skips a beat when I see your name on a screen and the lilt in your voice when you tell me that you only make fun of me because you love me. Like how written words are strung together by thoughts that haven’t had a chance to become audible and how before serious things are said voices become shaky. Or how your hands would feel pressed up against mine and how my lips would feel against the crevice of your neck. I wonder how the sun would look hitting your face while we drive to pick up our million friends for lunch, and how I’d smack your hand away from changing the radio station when one direction comes on. How my blankets would feel warmer with your legs and arms wrapped around me or how my eyes would look you up and down when you walk into the room before we leave for that thing “we can’t miss.” How you’re the only girl I’d actually move across the world for just so I could pick you up from work and take you to get ice-cream. How you’d look in a fancy dress with your long hair curled and how I’d slide a section of your hair behind your ear and kiss your forehead, and then your lips. Or how I’d sit you in my lap while I played video games and make out with you just so I had an excuse to afk. I wonder how my perfume would mix with yours and how hard my lipstick would be to get out of the collar of your shirt and how I would whisper how beautiful you are before I pulled you close to me just to rest my head on your shoulder. I sometimes wonder how you and I come together and how we never fall apart and I wonder how I would be if you unravelled and how quickly I could break the record at putting you back together again. I wish I could say I loved you for always defending me, for always believing in me, for never making me feel stupid for things that I like or love, but that’s only part of it. I think I love you because you’re soft, and kind, and honest and everything I’ve always wanted to be. I love you for missing me quickly, for completing me, for never being out of reach. I love you for the things you don’t like about yourself, and for the reasons that you think I’d turn away. I love you because you’re everything and because nothing feels right when you’re gone.
Written by
bestolen  Australia
       Creep, Worldeater, ---, caroline, Modern Serenity and 7 others
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