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Oct 2014
Where is my Campbell Soup Can? My Candy Darling, Edie Sedgewick, my "Factory"?

I was promised 15 minutes, it said so on the box, on the manual of life, now where is it?

Did I pass it? Dismiss it? Was it at the bottom of the ******* Jack box I so carelessly tossed aside?

I think not. I think it does not exist, and therefore I think Andy failed me.

Andy lied.
I am a huge stalker....I mean fan, of Andy Warhol. I have read many books on him and the people he had surrounded himself with and think he may have been a bit, um, a touch of a sociopath. If you can have just a smidgen of that. ;)
LA Brown
Written by
LA Brown  In a Hobbit Hole
(In a Hobbit Hole)   
     r, ---, The Girl Who Loves You, ---, Creep and 4 others
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