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Oct 2014
Same reckless memory woke me up today
She’s out there calling for me somewhere on the highway
Come out and find me if you must, before my image turns to dust
And you’ll just fade away.

   Why do I cling,
   to all these moments that don’t mean anything
   Like worry beads in my hand,
   I’ll kneed through them till I’m ******
   Or until another pearl becomes…
   paper thin.

Well I should have known back then,
That the man who became what I am
couldn’t fill a thimble,
in the meaning of your ocean

You were always chasing some new shiny thing
While my hopes, they rusted, buckets busted
Against the sides of an empty well
…of dreams I dipped them in.

   Why do I still cling
   And let go of all these times that should mean everything?
   Like worry beads in my hand,
   I’ll kneed through them till I am ******
   Until that last one becomes
   Paper thin.

Your memory finds me like a sunrise chasing day
Reminding me to relive things, had I only the courage to say.
Wishing I still had the chance, to ask you to the dance
Or at least say hello in another way.

   Why do I still cling,
   To thoughts and feelings that I’d wished you had for me?
   Like worry beads in my hand,
   I’ll kneed through them till I am ******
   Or until you become
   Paper thin.

Well I guess I better grab my things and go
Find that memory that I’ll wake up to tomorrow.
See, there’s this pretty girl with a pout,
turns my faded world inside out,
But you know…

   That I will always cling
   To those moments that mean everything to me
   I’d rather twirl worry beads in my hand,
   Than be some starving jaded man
   Choking on his memories
   …and paper thin.
Intended song lyrics - early life romance leaves cuts and abrasions in young flesh.  Once in a while, the light hits you just right, and you can see the scar.
Written by
Phosphorimental  D.C.
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