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Oct 2014
It all starts with a rustling in the trees--
birds frantically take flight from a foul wind unknown.
Tremors shake mighty oaks to their knobby knees
as I feel upon my forlorn face, a wicked breeze.
My skies of Celeste start to lose their bluish hue,
and grimy grays consume the calm known, hitherto.

In the forest, I find myself standing all alone;
a presence, darkly, chills both blood and bone.
White, wispy clouds are swallowed whole
by ****** red gates that appear below!
My skies quickly turn a foreboding black,
and searing coals rain down upon my back.

The vengeance of thousand suns in my veins!
I cannot help but scream as trees burst into flames,
and the ground below becomes a barren plain.
Clawing away at rendered flesh--so much pain.
Up above, the sky erupts in a Hellish inferno
and now embers--like Devil's blood--now rain,

I find myself aghast with this fire in the sky!
I cry, "Please, God, I beg that you tell me why!"
Just what have I done so wrong in my life?
But alone, I find myself, as I writhe and die.
No redemption for the man whose out of time--
so now I suffer immolation **beneath a smoldering sky.
For those who pay special attention to my writing and see my many references to a "Smoldering Sky," this is the background. It's a reoccurring nightmare that I occasionally have, noticeably when I'm feeling guilty about something. It's pretty intense... I hope I managed to capture the essence of just how it makes me feel.
Frank Ruland
Written by
Frank Ruland  25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia
(25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia)   
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