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Oct 2014
You don't give a ****
About us vets
You pay us lip service
And leave us in debt
Cancel our appointments
But when we call
To reschedule you act
Like WE dropped the ball
I've been waiting 2 years
For my ****** up shoulder
You keep handing me pills
And my will grows colder
Now three of my battles
Have taken their life
Today one shot himself
In front of his kids and wife
Oh, NOW you care?

******* VA,  ***** YOU!!!

Just hand me my pills
Like you usually do
Oh, why are you angry?
You must not like to hear
What most of us vets
Have heard from you for years

******* too, VA
So tired of my battle buddies assassinating themselves. The VA doesn't care. I'm so sick of this **** and I'm writing my ******* congressman because they have got to stop treating us like we don't matter.
Kissy Marie
Written by
Kissy Marie  Sweet Home Alabama
(Sweet Home Alabama)   
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