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Oct 2014
time moves so quickly
you know I'm just sitting back and taking it all in
how much that has changed
everything that has happened
the battles that I've overcome
the lives that I've crossed paths with
the emotions that I've experienced
the memories that I've remembered

and to this present place in time
I can see everything in my past
and I know that much is not my present

I am having trouble seeing how much time has actually changed things

one hundred years from now what will they remember
will you or I be remembered

50 years from now will you or I even remember each other

25 years from now will I have young adult children

10 years from now will I be self satisfied and reach all of my ambitions

5 years from now will I still have contact with my current friends

2 years from now will it feel like only yesterday

1 year from now I imagine it to be foggy and uncertain and an uphill journey.  

**how are my current thoughts affecting my feelings?
Written by
William James Crowell  halifax
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