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Oct 2014
Despite the daylight
It was going to be a torment of fright
Footsteps that stomp the streets
A past from the underworld neighborhood in their retreat
Every footstep in wanting to be heard
The moans with the multitude in being a herd
Every pounding heart is the coming stomp of footsteps
The neighborhood questioned often in their why, but heard stories that seemed a lie
An old man would sit and tell the tail
The neighborhood listened to every detail
Stomping footsteps an enactment of the trail
Former citizens who previously lived in the neighborhood
They were part of “Spirits Concealed”, a consultation group in casting out spirits
But a curse was transformed and it ended the neighborhood in defeat
The curse has caused deceased stomping footsteps in being unrest
Who will live will be anybody’s guest?
Now the spirit footsteps must roam the streets
Looking for new souls to live in as an eternity feat
The footsteps are determined to get revenge
Endless mark of no trail and the spirits soul that won’t fail
It’s let the games begin
The walking until when
Taking refuge on new citizens to the neighborhood
But they will be living on if they could
Followed by even if they would
It’s the footsteps that continue to preserver
The moans are the diehards of the fear
The walking footsteps not wanting anyone to come near
Death in the footsteps search, and the soul being what they want.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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