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Oct 2014

poetry written while I'm lying in my best friends bed in the middle of the night


the way the words "breaking up" coming from your lips sound; the way they feel the same whether it has to do with you leaving me, or you leaving her


you have to respect her, ah... I see. and then there's me


poetry written by putting hands to a keyboard and just moving until there's no more roman numerals left is poetry that's written in the middle of the night while I'm lying in my best friends bed


I deserve better


you deserve significantly worse


here's how I imagine it- my phone rings.
"I broke up with her."
"I don't think we should talk anymore"


I didn't lie when I told you I love you but I don't know what love is. you'll always be my first love, but I really don't know what love is


but it's probably not this


we didn't talk today and I was glad, I had a good day


twenty two things written while my best friend snores to my right and I wait for you to call tomorrow so I can rush off the phone and pretend I'm still far away


this was still my city before you came into this life, so why does it feel like it's all in honor of you?


today I read that if a trans person starts taking testosterone they need to double up on vitamin C because it kills their immune system so now I have to stay with you until you start the shots so I can bring over 5 cases of OJ and force feed it to you like the child you are


the child you look like.


I dunno, like, I just don't even know how you're going to react, and like, I'm torn between being really curious and wanting to rip the bandaid off and just not wanting to find out, you know?


You know what I think?


another-break-up-poem from the *****-who-just-won't-break-up-with-him


one time when I was in 5th grade we had to learn Roman numerals and my teacher made us do entire math work sheets answering in them for like a month. her name was Ms. Schwanbeck and I had her the year my mom started dating that one guy that she married that one time. she was also the one who taught me it's L-M-N-O-P that we were singing in the alphabet song and not elephant ***


I dunno, maybe I'm just not strong enough


like poetry aside, metaphors and all that ****


maybe I'm just not meant to do it anymore


I do love you, I have this whole time


but don't forget that I have no idea what the **** love is
matilda shaye
Written by
matilda shaye  22/F/AZ
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