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Oct 2014
one day I will die
I will die in a car crash
in a frontal colision
with some ******* who drunk too much
I had  my fare share of responsability
but I will not tell you why
I will just say it wasn’t pleasant
blood and bones all over the road

no, that’s not it
what the hell am I saying?
I will be murdered
in my own house
by some one who don’t belive in my ideologies
someone who profoundly disagree with me
therefore I am a threat to his way of life
or maybe I’ll just do it myself

not that I don’t belive in my convictions
but sometimes I have really hard times
defending them

one way or another
by accident, ****** or suicide
in the end,
someone will have to throw away my stuff
and delete my facebook account
Eu Claudio
Written by
Eu Claudio  London
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