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Nov 2014
When you breathe
Your first breath of fresh air
I am the first color you see
Clothing the world in majesty

I am what brings you joy
Your first steps into the ocean
The color of your first room
That stuffed toy that you loved to play with most
The cute dress you wear on your first date
The eyes of the very first love that you kiss

I am the definition of success
The royals would choose me
People have fought wars for me
It makes me hard to come by
Modern art was made of me due to my delicacy
My color is the banker's choice
In a majority of country's my value on a dollar is the highest

I am despair
That sinking feeling that you try to get out of
The depression that never goes away
Try to grasp something in the melancholy but
Just slip faster and faster
The first color that you see when you become blind

I am balance
The ocean that let's you carefully float
But if not too careful will let you drown
The sky that brings you great joy
But allows you to live in sorrow
So that when you look up you will see it more

I am peace
The final moments of your stay
You lie down and look up for that last bit of fresh air
Close your eyes and take me in
And when you open them you see me again
You look at your love and there I am
You peer at the cool liquid that you sip
And cool off and breathe you last
And the final thing you think as you let the liquid
Cool your tongue and throat at the end of it all:
I am life
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
   Joseph Schneider
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