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Oct 2014
Im burning
And outside,
My heart is flames
And my breath it's dust,
Im in hell on earth
Im in hell far from your arms
Far from your smile
Far from your eyes
Im in hell and you are in heaven
Im in hell cause you are in heaven
Im looking at my hands
And all I can see is yours
Im looking in my heart
And all I can find is you.

I miss you,
Like a knife is stabbed in my chest
Like a bullet is shot in my head
I miss you,
Like my moment of agony is lasting forever
Like im falling from a bridge
And never hitting the ground
I miss you,
Like my throat is cut from screaming
Like my ears were deaf from those screams
Like my eyes were emptied from tears
I miss you,
Like I've married the pain
Like the seasons were all winters
Like I was naked in the rain
I miss you,
Like this horror movie was never ending
Like a painting was never dry
Like a lover was never fine
I miss you,
Like the sound of thunder
Like the touch of fire
Like the color of the night

I miss you

I miss you...
For my dad, with love.
elouazzani kenza
Written by
elouazzani kenza  Morocco
       ---, ---, ---, Erenn, Weeping willow and 22 others
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