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Oct 2014
For so many years I wandered
Through the night
With your sister Selene,
Laughing and smiling:
A grim facade
So no one would question me.
Her cold moonlight
Allowed my charade to go unnoticed.

Little did I know that you,
My very own Helios,
Were floating through my night unseen
On the flat underbelly of the earth.*

Then without warning
I saw your other sister Eos.
She taunted me
With the first of your rays,
Giving me a glimpse
Of what it meant to walk in your light.
Snatches of the impending dawn
Teased me with their muted hues.

Suddenly, you in your golden chariot Peeked just over the horizon
I tried to flee west;
Afraid to believe
The warming rays emanating
From you could be real.
I tried to uproot the gleaming tendrils
From my jaded heart
But I couldn't outrun the sun.

So I gave up trying.
I turned to face you.
I kept my eyes closed at first,
Letting the radiance of your being Illuminate the damaged corners;
The scars of my aura
Layed bare before your brilliance.

And still you came.

So I opened my eyes
And saw that every scar,
Every damaged piece of my spirit
Was made beautiful
Before your smoldering gaze.

*Joyously I took your outstretched hand
Now I wander with you
Through the painted mesa skies
From cloud to cloud
In a leaping pirouette
Never to allow the night
To take residence in my heart again.
Kissy Marie
Written by
Kissy Marie  Sweet Home Alabama
(Sweet Home Alabama)   
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