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Oct 2014
don't pretend like you know me
you haven't been around in a while
or a month
or some years
I can no longer remember how much
i think i miss you sometimes
or the essence of you
or the memory of you
or us.
i said,
'i think maybe we were meant to be
but somewhere inbetween
the field of daisies and
wishing on dandelions,
we did something wrong'

you said,
'we forgot about ourselves
and our old selves'
and the silence at 3:01 am
seems somehow to connect me
with the parts of me that i lost
trying to find your smile
they connect me to the day
when you said
'things will change'
and they never did


so don't pretend that
you do not miss me

when the particles of dust
fly from your old couch in the afternoon
like if they were parts of my soul
**that are not yet done
leaving your body.
closing time.
Written by
adshimabuko  PerΓΊ
     ---, ryn, AFJ, P Grace Thompson, joel hansen and 1 other
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