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Oct 2014
They talk about the
garbage like it
was treasure.

Man made
Made in order
to keep the
creative side

Its all made
to uninspire
the otherwise
inspired ones.

They worry
themselves over
Mass produced,
soulless,man made,
ball chasing,
over paid
Trash Heroes.

They're not my
My Heroes
didn't have time
to chase *****
and call it an

These goals they
strive for all of
which were
created out
of nothing
for nothing at
all but to
numb the mind.


They worry about
having more
while I secretly
worry about having
nothing more to say.

Conversations going
on all around me,
its torture.
I hear their
words and
can't help
but wonder if
they are hearing
what I'm hearing.

There's a vision
that stays with me.
A circle of
beautiful people
in stain free
The kind of people
who throw
their heads back
before they laugh.
They're standing
around a street
person who wears
wadded up
news paper
inside his coat for
They're tossing lit
matches at him as
he lays and sleeps
the sleep of the
invisible people.

For the longest
I dreaded the vision,
their cruelty is
unlike my own.
Theirs is inhumane
but legal and in most
cases it provides their
Godless insides
reason enough
to smile.

Mine is soul scaring,
memory aching,
and really only
me wanting to survive.
It leaves behind
deep embedded
stains in everything
that is you.

Now I find myself
no longer
fighting it off.
I need the
images the vision
provides me.

I welcome the
echo of their hollow
selfish laughter.
I take in the
whiteness of
their grinning
stain free teeth.

I need it all
in order to
try and
their sickness.

As I continue
to survive  
amongst my
lonely madness.
A B Perales
Written by
A B Perales  San Pedro Ca.
(San Pedro Ca.)   
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