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Oct 2014
I  keep  my  head  up,
lips  snarled  and  puckered,
teeth  show,
nose  high,
squinted  eyes,
you  can  see  death  in  them.

I  look  to  the left,
I look to the right,
now it's time to fight,
3-2-1 take flight,
we go all night,
keep my fist packed tight,
and if I lose I'll be back looking through my iron sight.

This  is  the  law  of  the  land,
dog  eat  dog,
tooth  for  tooth,
an  eye  for  eye,
****  or  be  killed,

I'm a killer with a blood instinct.
Came up in the mafia vicinage,
we live life this ain't no scrimmage,
live by Omerta it ain't no image,
living life without problems is a privilege,
when you start talking to cops you finished,
that's how we get down in my evil village,
nothing changed we all living vintage,
I can see you coming in with your gimmick,
don't try to test my limit,
I'm Popeye on steroids and spinach.

Rimani  persone  reali*.
This is how I've lived my life for a long time, this is how I was raised and how I spent my days, I'm a new creation now and am moved by love but in a world with so much hate I felt the need to reach out to you in the same position I was, and I put it all down so that I don't have to do that stuff anymore and now I am happy.
Kristian Alexander George
Written by
Kristian Alexander George  26/Other/Spiritual Infinity, θεός
(26/Other/Spiritual Infinity, θεός)   
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