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Oct 2014
She has always been the one who was different; unafraid.
She was so happy, but i seen the marks left behind from the blade.
She was a rebel, an angel, and all things you define as "misfit."
She was not like the others, she was distant.
She left Heaven and fell to the earth, she is the one who never leaves you.
She is your Rebel Angel, she wants to help you get through.

She is the one who proudly wears her battle scars and defies all the rules.
She is the one who holds you while you cry, and throws away your tools.
She knows the pain you feel, because she herself lives through it everyday.
She doesn't tell you, because this Rebel Angel has fallen; nothin left to say.
She is and always will be the one who listen to the story of your tears.
She will stay with you till the storm clears.

She has fallen from grace, and left all of those she loved behind..
She left, cause they never seen her battle wounds, she was lost in her mind.
She has a secret, she has been hurt, and she longs to die.
That's the real reason she chose not to fly.
Angels can't die, she fell, but when she fell, she fell into love.
He has shown her she doesn't need to leave to be above.

This rebel, misfit, outcast, she is amazing inside and out.
And so are you, there isn't the slightest hint of doubt.
She has fallen from grace, lost all she has loved, but she got somethin new.
She has fallen in love with someone who will be there to always be true.
Don't give up on life my Rebel Angels, you aren't meant to fit in!
You were born to challenge the status quo, don't hurt your beautiful skin.

You may feel lost and alone right now, but i promise you, she is with you.
She knows that pain you go through and she will hold on like glue.
She knows the fight, and she knows you will win the war!
Yes, right now it will hurt and you may be a little sore...
But it will be worth it in the end my beautiful Rebel Angels, don't you see?
This Rebel Angel is him, her, you, and me..
Rebel Angel
Written by
Rebel Angel  21/F/Saint Cloud
(21/F/Saint Cloud)   
       ---, Harly Coward, adelaide, Cade, --- and 10 others
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