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Oct 2014
Hate is a very strong word.
So that's why I mean it when I say
"I hate you, I hate every once of blood that keeps you alive. I hate every beat your heart makes that keeps your body going, I hate every nerve that keeps on working, I hate everything that makes you stay alive."
I'm just a child, 16 or not.
I've been running my whole life from you,
When will enough be enough?
Don't you find it sort of sick? To chase me around,
I've always hated hide and seek because I could never hide the bruises that she seemed to seek,
I hate swimming on the deep end because I can feel the water still choking me,
You still want me dead? I already am.
You want me to sugar coat how I feel about you?
I wish someone would have made you go through every moment you put me through, over and over.
I want you to feel the forever lasting pain I do.
Hannah Mae -Nickelle Jo
Written by
Hannah Mae -Nickelle Jo  Indiana
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