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Oct 2014
"So? What do you go for in a girl? Brains or beauty? Intelligence or a pretty face? Independent opinions or clear skin, long legs, red lips? Because you have to pick one.
The two cannot coexist peacefully.
The world would implode, unaccustomed to such a perfect human being.
So? Which is it?
Do you want to look at her or listen to her?
'You can't **** an opinion, am I right?'
insert obnoxious high-five and snickering
Of course you're right! Seen and not heard is the way forward!
You can't buy lacy lingerie for her stance on abortion,
her story of how she grew up!
Brains or beauty?
Do you want to be greeted in the evenings with a bright white smile, or an anecdote about her day?
These are important things to consider, lad! If you choose incorrectly, you might be burdened with a strong woman!
Her words will slash your skin, leave you slack-jawed and drooling
Your own biased opinion in shreds on the floor between you.
Her wit will give you whiplash, cracking your skull back against the wall with the speed of it.
And she won't back down. God, those strong ones never know when to just let it go!
No, son, don't end up with one of those. Go for beauty.
But be careful.
Because often, rosy cheeks and long lashes are just masking ideas of their own.
Their bright blue eyes are sizing you up, watching, ready to rip off their costume and reveal the 'brains' within. Nowhere is safe."
this is really bad and I hate it but it's been floating around in my head for a while so I had to put it somewhere
Written by
Aisling  Ireland
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