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Oct 2014
You are insignificant.
All you do is wake up, work, follow trends, eat, and sleep.
You smile and laugh for brief moments, but
You realize how much of a failure you are.
You had such high hopes and dreams.
You wanted to be something, and now you are one.
That something's called a nothing.
You being in a job is worth nothing.
It doesn't matter whether you have it or not.
There are so many people qualified for your position.
You don't think of anything.
You just follow and force yourself to like things
Just because everyone else is doing it.

What happened to you?
You were once a free soul,
Doing anything because you wanted to.
But now you've become a ******* robot.
You blindly follow the commands of others,
You're afraid to take risks,
And live a boring life.

You go to the same club every Saturday night,
Thinking you're gonna **** tonight.
Instead, you're rejected and drink the night away,
Dancing like you got something stuck in your ***.

What made you this way? You never cared about what people thought of you.
You always had your own way of doing things and your own way of living.

What? Did you just give up?
You can't just throw away who you are just because people you don't know want to judge you.
You're telling me you're scared of what strangers think of you?

Quit that boring job,
Forget about the latest fashion and over-priced technology you won't even use
Stop going to a club every Saturday night just to get drunk and depressed,
Stop giving a ****, and start going back to your older self.
Written by
ND  Brooklyn
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