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Oct 2014
Time has passed.
And I'm still lost.
I follow the winds,
And the morning sun.

But I'm still lost,
And I'm dying.
No food.
No drink.

The wind blows me,
The sun burns me,
The sand buries me,
And there's no one to help me.

I can no longer think straight.
I lose my senses.
How am I to get out?
What do I do?

I think of those back home.
I'll miss the comfort that home gives.
How I regret leaving home.
I wish I could go back.

How did this happen?
I was at first in company, but
Now I'm alone.

I give up.
It's too hard.
I can no longer move.
I completely stop.

I fall.
The sand buries me.
I close my eyes,
And breathe one last time.
Written by
ND  Brooklyn
     ---, Raj Arumugam and SweetJacksonFan
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