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Dec 2009
At last the summer sun had disappeared, brining darkness.
The rats could sense excitement in the air amongst the cold hearts,
Rushing to their hiding place under the sewers for safety.
Moving beyond the shadows for the first time in hours
Soothed the stressed feeder, breathing in the cool air.
A different smell lingered in the air this night, a sweeter smell,
One of roses and blood; the next feast for his parched lips.
Silently he strode, out into the night-time fever,
Prowling amidst his prey, seeking the weakest out.
At last he spots her, walking under a empty streetlight,
Swaying with the flow of the blood round her veins.
The tight red corset brought forth the lustful hunger within him,
Threading its evil through the darkness of his black, bloodless soul.
One swift movement brought him into her grasp, clutching at her,
Embracing the warmth of the living kind, chocking her lifeless.
The piercing knifes sliced the bloodstream; flowed freely out,
Into the dying human, cursed forever to be the nightmare.
A shout is heard. Turning, quickly fleeing, he fly’s of into the dark,
Leaving the body to fall under the red moonlight
(C) Kelly Selvester
Kelly Selvester
Written by
Kelly Selvester  London
     Kelly Selvester and Bard
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