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Oct 2014
No accounting for taste.
What you dislike
and called a waste
is what I like.

You call cheese,honey
I called it bitter pill.
You prefer a monkey
while chimp makes me chill.

You like worshipping sun
I love worshipping God
It really fun
you called mine odd.

I lived in tradition
You lived in modernity
But in addition
I lived in christianity.

You urged me to study biology
I urged you to learn Shakespeare
You want me to live by astrology
Let poetry be your spear.

You prefer winter
that is your choice
Mine is summer
when I'll rejoice.

When you lay on your bunk,
you hear the music,rock
but I listen to punk
who should be given a sock?

You love a black lady
with long dark hair
I love a white baby
to be my heir.

You desire democracy
as system of your
I desire theocracy
it had the best management.

Let us be a union
Let there be chaste
Let's tolerate each
one's opinion
for no accounting
for taste.
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