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Oct 2014
worms live from the decay of dead bodies
they are beautiful and soft,
and anyone could break one
but why would they want to when
their bodies seem as sunlight against glass?

you do not know that they want to get inside of you,
take from you,
and add your remains to their
empire of dirt. their soil, their sustenance.

he found his way into my soul,
he wants me to give all my insides away
to make him more beautiful.

worms think they are ugly
they have to fill themselves up up up
of other people, until everyone else is empty
and ugly too.

i am so sad
i want to die, want
to open up my wrists and show him my veins
because they look like worms

like him,
and i need them
but never wanted them.
Written by
Sarina  forests
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