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Oct 2014
I feel my heartbeat echoing in the distance
It's you leaving me slowly
As the full moon rises, you ache with uncontrollable pain
it hurts to see you this way
i remember the once youth you carried
now you wither away
only we can see the pain
but you hide it away
we know its time to let you go soon
and the time drags like an hourglass of a thousand years
you were everything to me
my muse
my ear
my song
my sphere
whom will i confide in now
you were the only one i opened up too
i will find my way to open to others
but losing you will only close me off
i will be strong for you
i will be a new me
a me you would be proud to see
even though you didnt show it
i know you loved us all
i felt it in your eyes
a tender kiss from your glance
i was always there for you
maybe not as much as i should have been
i know i will see you again
with the strength i recall
i love you forever my babe
may your achy heart beat into eternity
and out of this pain
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