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Oct 2014
As pictures fade and the temperature rises...
Her heart, plays no part
I'm no man of surprises.
Why are you so mesmerizing?
Why can't I shake this temptation?
Why do her grips make me sick?
Why am I suddenly shaking...
I can see what she feels
I've become her *** appeal
Is love truly real?
Am I just her final meal?
As she cooks up a thought that's unconscious.
She suddenly gets astonished
Men lie, men are deranged
Please, don't dare make a promise.
But baby, can I be honest?
Oh wait,
All men lie..
So let's let lust become a must
Forget that we ever tried.
Taste of disaster
Hearts moving faster
This wasn't part of my plan
Your ego is harsh
Your mind is cluttered
Makes it hard to be your man.
Hard to be your man.
But I do what I can..
I matched your heart with my life
What a perfect blend.
Simple words to describe her
My stomachs become lighter
Flying high, with these butterflies
I think I her.
*I Do.
Kendrick flow
Dougie Simps
Written by
Dougie Simps  NYC
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