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Oct 2014
Spouting nonsense about hardship nonchalantly
Reaching for the sun that never came
Dimmed light poles were the only ones glinting like stars
Laughing at how silly that was but doing it on repeat
Feeling content with living that life

Knowing all this will be gone one day
Seizing every second while it lasts
Demurring all thoughts of deleterious inputs
It will only damage what matters inside

Let laughter be brought in
Tears of joy on lame anecdotes
Let the inner child in you come out from that chest
Let all wars be resolved by-
Shrouding papers, Cutting air & Throwing stones
Catching every raindrop in that heavy downpour
Hilarity at every moment when you’re with your friends

Despite its wonders enclosed by fatuous walls
'Boxes' are the entities of our translucent merriment
Creating that canopy out of our prodigious stronghold
We feel unscathed by the demon’s vice
We’re just the same
As we are inside

We converse as we may
Not thinking yet preached ingenuity
Of benevolence & truth
We somehow knew stained past
Couldn't be bleached out easily
Because some stains couldn't be  removed

And we are all  Mavericks

We don’t know perfection
We don’t strive for attention
They called us insane
We call it intuition
We belong to one body
With infinite traits of emotion

It’s alright to be different
Pay no attention to what they say
Because we are unique

*We enact the happiness that we create.
Sometimes we just forget to just be ourselves.
Pretense is just running weary in your mind.
It's not real. Be the Reality.
Be who you really are:)
Written by
Erenn  Singapore
       ---, wordvango, Noah, vamsi sai mohan, --- and 62 others
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