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Oct 2014
Small town; country town.
I walk slowly.
As the autumn breeze blows coldly,
Through my clothing.
Small town; golden town.
He found me,
Just when I thought no one was listening.
I was intrigued to see that  he loved me,
More than I loved myself.
And the emotions that I felt,
I couldn't express for myself,
But he felt it for himself all the same.
Small town; old town.
Everyone stopped and starred ,
Because the time was finally near.
The bridegroom was finally  here,
But  their smiles disappear,
And their faces fill with fear.
The bridegroom comes down,
But is not in a gown.
Instead, he stands proud with his man
All I've ever wanted was to be a real boy; fall in love like the rest of the world. :):):(
John-Chris Ward
Written by
John-Chris Ward  20/M/Pleasant Grove, AL
(20/M/Pleasant Grove, AL)   
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