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Jan 2011
I'm  invincible
I'm ******* invincible

I can jump out the window and fly
I can breed under water
I can walk in traffic and the cars will crash eachouther but not me
I can stand on a train trak and when it hits me it will crumble I will walk

I'm   invincible

I can go forever without eating
I can stay awake for days
I can say whatever I want to and it will never mess up the episode
I can rip out my eyes and still see you
I can cut out my heart I don't need to love

I can look at butterfly and they fall and die
I can you at you and you feel the I use
befor I was invincibul

everyone says I'm crazy
but don't want me to know
what great power I have

I will see every funeral
I will see the apocalypse
I will see the great rapsher
in the END ther will be only me

I will
never take the posin pills
hear the word you speak
I don't have to do anything

I'm invincible
I am...
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