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Sep 2014
If you were to kiss me now, would you be thinking of her instead?
If you were to lay next to me tonight, would she be the one occupying your head?

When I wrote you those letters, did you secretly wish they were wrote by her hand?
Sorry I'm not the one you wanted, not the girlfriend that you had planned.

So when you tell me you love me, do you picture her face in your mind?
How she'd look when you tell her, about all those times you have pined -

Pined for her body her mind -Β Β every second of every hour of every day
How you can both make it work even with her boyfriend in the way.

How do you expect me to feel Robert? Knowing what i know
You expect me to carry on with this relationship, to just go with the flow?

You know second best comes easy to me, I've understood it from the start
I gave you my all, but you still you wanted to give her your heart

If she didn't have a lover I know you'd be there right by her side
That day I heard you tell her my heart broke, I could have died

But for now you are with me, promising I'm the only one that you desire
I know from that Thursday morning that you are an exceptionally good liar.

As I hide behind your bedroom door I heard you speak your words to her
You told her how you wanted her, of which of us you would prefer

You lead there completely naked allowing her to see your all
and as she sat there giggling my heart began to fall.

I don't know what I expected from this poem; my feelings I needed to pour out
Robert, you say you love me not her but babe I have a lotΒ of doubt.

Just something that happened recently to me with a guy i liked and another girl who is always somehow involved in our relationship. Its happened before, and i just needed somewhere to vent rather than let it eat me alive thinking about it again and again.
Written by
AR  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
     AR and Ayman Zain
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