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Sep 2014
Those “pretty” girls in floral skirts
Drink their wine and look at her with judgy eyes.
While she struts around town, smacking her lips & rolling joints,

They would never understand her;
Those “pretty” girls in floral skirts with their lackluster souls.
Their charms would never suffice.
"***** their elegance", she would say
and order a green fairy all the while swearing with the boys.
There was nothing pretty about her,
She was madness.
With her wild hair, stormy eyes, that faraway look and clever mind
She broke millions of hearts to get what she wanted
burst their bubbles with her heels alone
She gave up on love; she gave up on him to survive.

- H.U.

I've missed posting here and reading all your works :(
Written by
huwriting  Sequestered
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